Board games are a type of table games that are played either on a flat wooden material or a hard board. Ludo, Scrabble, Chess and Monopoly are some popular examples of board games that are known everywhere. The history of board games is too old that ancient cultures and civilization. ‘Senet’ is the oldest board game played in Iran and Egypt. Similarly ‘Damah’ is the traditional board game of Qatar’s people. Playing a board game is not as easy as a video game because it requires your skill, full attention and skills. It is mostly played by minimum of two players and maximum of 6 players. Luck plays an important role in almost every board game. Some of these games are now converted into online video games but they lack the purity of board games including the feeling and the environment.

According to a research board games can play a vital role in making the relationships strong. Either you have kids or are a new couple; these games can teach your kids good lessons. On the other hand couple playing a board game have the most interacting session at the time as they were communicating and giving their full attention at that time.


Popular Games:

  • Ludo:

The word Ludo is derived from ancient Rome language. It is played in each and every continent of the world with 2-4 players at a time. However the rules of this game can be different everywhere but the playing method is same everywhere. Mostly, there are four specialized colours in Ludo that are Red- Green- Blue and Yellow. Many people select their favourite colour as a Luck factor. Each player has 4 tokens which have to be homed in order to win the match. A die is used to move your token according to the numbers for example if there comes a number 2 after rolling your die so you have to move the token two step ahead. It can be played individually or in teams.

  • Scrabble:

This board game was invented in 1938 by an American. Its rule changed with the time and most of the words were introduced. Similar to Ludo, it is also played by 2- 4 players on a board of the size 224 square. The method of this game is same everywhere but the words used are somehow different. According to scrabble each player has to make a word according to the given conditions on his turn. Each letter has a score written on it which makes an overall score of the word. In the end when the board gets filled, the person with the highest scores wins. In many countries, Scrabble tournaments are arranged in which different schools and colleges students participates. It can make your mind healthier and you can learn many words from it.

  • Chess:

Chess, one of the most seasoned and most well-knownpre-packaged games, played by two adversaries on a checkered board with extraordinarily planned bits of differentiating hues, usually white and dark. White moves first, after which the players interchange turns as per fixed principles, every player endeavouring to compel the rival's chief piece, the King, into checkmate—a position where it can't keep away from catch. Chess board measurements aren't as basic as one may might suspect. The essential geometry of the chess board isn't hard to get a handle on, however chess board measurements likewise incorporate the size of the squares on the board. One of the most significant parts of choosing a chess board and pieces is the connection between the size of the squares on the board and the size of the pieces that are utilized. Most of the research about basic leadership and critical thinking stresses cut off points of objectivity and how far we people digress from "great" choices, chess is a circumstance where people can settle on abnormally steady choices. Truth be told, small kids not regularly known for their levelheadedness can contend with grown-ups on an even premise and use sound judgment that seem normal or analytic. The round of chess makes one of the most significant commitments to the field of training. Innate in it are the fundamental standards of mental learning hypothesis: Memory, Pattern Recognition, Decision-production, and Reinforcement. These factors collaborate during a round of chess and produce the aftereffects of the human point of view: a success or a loss. Chess is a shut framework.


One of the benefits of board games is while playing any game with your child; you don’t have to worry about children’s eyesight or any other disease. Despite giving any disadvantage these games gives the most advantage by improving mental health. Another benefit is some of the board games like ‘Scrabble’ can increase your language and IQ skills. They are the best thing to pass your leisure time with attracting with your family at the same time. It can make your kids an active competitor and fond of learning new things. Games like ‘Chess’ is the best way to increase your attention skills as it requires all of your attention without interrupting in between the game. As they are multiplayer games so they teach you team work not only in a game but also in your practical life.