PC games can be defined as a visual game which can be played on any computer. It can be played either by keyboard- mouse or by a joystick. The era of computer games started in 1950’s and were mainstreamed in 1980’s which changed the life of younger generation. One of the interesting fact about games are, the first game was discovered by a student scientist just for fun and it was played on an old computer known as ‘IBM 1506’. It introduces to them a new world where they can play their favourite games by sitting at a particular place. Children of every age can enjoy these games regardless of any skill or practice.


‘Spacewar’ is the first game that was made the computer scientist in 1962. It consists of two spaceships controlled by two individuals, the mission was to destroy the other person’s spaceship by shooting it. But the problem about ‘Spacewar’ is that it is not commercialized. The first game that was commercially available was known as ‘Pong’ in 1973. It was available in every markets, funfairs and other entertainment places. Numerous improvements throughout the entire existence of the PC game are not innovative but rather absolutely conceptual. While Spacewar game and Pong are for two separate players, the time from roughly 1977- 1993 is totally controlled by games for single players. The multi player game turns out to be broadly widespread when Doom takes into account connecting a few PCs, for being a few people present in the similar game world. Doom is, in general an unimaginably compelling game. It has been condemned for being savage, however it's one of the most famous PC games ever and it has prompted an entire classification of games. Pac- man, one of the most famous game which is still played everywhere was released all over the world in 1980’s. In the year 1990, it brings about $2.5 billion that is considered as the highest revenue generated by a video game. As the time passed, these video games were also available in different other mediums such as Playstation and Xbox.

Top Games that you cannot resist playing:

Everyone’s Favourite, FIFA:

Initiated by a gaming company of America known as EA sports is one of the most revenue generating and inspired game in the gaming industry. Football fans were most excited at that time because they were given a proper platform to play football regularly just by sitting in their bedroom. It was a series of football game started in 1993 and till now there were 20 series that had been released as commercial use. Each series was made better than the previous one in terms of graphics and gameplay. The players, the stadium and the environment was made more classy in FIFA 10 (series). New features were introduced such as career mode, controls were enhanced and new competitions. FIFA 10 also made it possible to play it in a Nintendo console which introduce the gamers to a new world of gameplay. With the help of Wii sensor, one can easily play the game just by pointing the remote towards the console without pressing any button. After a series of this game, today the latest series known as FIFA 19 is so much advanced in terms of player physique, new tournaments and other extras.

The Ever Thrilling, WWE:

This video gaming series was developed by a Japanese industry known as ‘Yukes’. WWE was also a sports entertainment drama which was aired on mainstream media on particular days. With the advent of this series majority of youngsters bought it to enter into a new gaming world. Similar to FIFA, this video game also had several series which were introduced to the gamers year after year. Each series have new options and features regarding the types of matches and wrestlers. Also the graphics were made thousand times better than the previous versions in WWE2K18 (version). With the new versions WWE was also available in other mediums that are playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. Different gamers likes to play on their favourite medium but on every medium the game had the same rules, options and features. Today, proper tournaments are structured for WWE not only by the developers but by the gamers also.

COD also knows as Call of Duty:

It was an action game which was made on different Army forces defeating the enemies. Different missions was introduced in this game so that people have a long and interesting carrier in the game. COD is the most played online game all over the world played by different gamers at different places.


Today PC games are played in each and every part of the world. Tournaments and competitions are arranged at intermediate and beginner level for these game and prize money is given to appreciate the effort of the gamers. Nowadays PC games are considered as a full time carrier. There is whole gaming industry out there in which millions of people are working as their passion. Not only playing but there is also a career of business and technical side in gaming industry as well.