Andromeda Galaxy:

Andromeda Galaxy is the spiral galaxy that is the approximately 780 kilo parsecs from the earth. Thefirst person that can describe about the Andromeda galaxy is Abs al-rahman al-Sufi. This galaxy is the most nearest to the Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy has the satellite galaxy that can be the best satellite galaxy. The diameter Andromedagalaxy is about the 220,000 light years.     


  1. Antennae Galaxies:

Antennae Galaxies is located in NGC 4038 group. This galaxy can be located on the 0.25 degree north and 3.25 degree from the south west. This galaxy can contain the collection of the massive globular cluster. In this galaxy there are the large amounts of the X-rays can be found like neon, silicon, and magnesium.

  1. Black Eye Galaxy:

Black Eye Galaxy is located about the 17 million light years. Itcan be discovered by the Edward Piggott in the March 1179. This galaxy is appeared in the small telescope. The diameter of this galaxy is about the 54,000 light the central region of the black eye galaxy the source of the radio emission is weak  and has the x-ray source can be found.   

  1. Bode's Galaxy:

TheBode's Galaxy is known as the messier 18 and it is a spiral galaxy. The distance of this galaxy is about the 12 million light years. This galaxy is the half of the Milky Way. This galaxy can be discovered the first time by the Johann Elert Bode on the December 1174. The diameter of this galaxy is about the 90,000light year. It can be viewed by the small telescopes.        

  1. Cartwheel Galaxy:

Cartwheel Galaxy is located about the 500 million light years. The velocity of this galaxy is about the 217 km/s. this galaxy is called the spiral galaxy.  This galaxy is the larger than the Milky Way and the diameter of this galaxy is about the 150,000 light year. The Fritz Zwicky can be discovered this galaxy in the 1941 and the shape of this galaxy is the unusual. The large number of the black hole can be found in this galaxy.

  1. Cigar Galaxy:

Cigar Galaxy is also known as the Messier 82 that is approximately 12 million light years. This galaxy is the part of the M81 group and can be the closest to earth. This galaxy is called the starburst galaxy. TheJohannElert can discover in the 1774. The structure of this galaxy is about the irregular galaxy.

  1. Circinus Galaxy:

Circinus Galaxy can be seeingusing the small telescope and it is the seyfert galaxy. This galaxy is the closet to the Milky Waygalaxy. The supernova can be produced by the Circins galaxy during the 2001. The 4.0 Mpc is the distance of this galaxy and it can be located in the galactic plane at below the degree of 4.

  1. Comet Galaxy:

Comet Galaxy is the part of the spiral galaxy. The more mass of this galaxy as compered the Milky Way and it can be located the 3.2 billion light years. The first time detection of this galaxy can on the march 2007. The length of tis galaxy is the 600,000 light year. The temperature of this galaxy is the high that is about the 100 million degree. This galaxy is 3.2 billion light year from the earth.

  1. cosmos REDshift 7:

CosmosREDshift 7 is the red shift galaxy.  This can be the observed after the big bang that is about the 800 million light years. Thisgalaxy that can discover the first start thatgenerate the chemical elements and it is called the oldest galaxy.

  1. Hoag's Object:

Hoag's Object is the type of the ring galaxy that can discovered in the 1950. this galaxy is the older galaxy of the yellow star in the center. The diameter of this galaxy is the 6 arcsecondand it is larger from the Milky Way.

  1. Large Magellanic Clod:

Large Magellanic Clod is the satellite galaxy at the distance of the 50 kiloparsecs. This is 2nd closed galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy. The diameter of this galaxy is about the 14,000 light year. In the local group of the galaxy it is the 4th largest galaxy. The stellar bar can contain this galaxy. Themodern telescope can be discovered this galaxy.

  1. Milky Way:

TheMilky Way can be visible from the earth and it can contain the solar system. The diameter of the Milky Way is about then 150,000 + and there are the many billion stars and planets can contain. This galaxy is the third largest galaxy. The massof the Milky Way is about the trillion times larger than the mass of the sun. TheMilky Way is can be constantly rotating.

  1. Pinwheel Galaxy:

Pinwheel Galaxy is the spiral galaxy and there distance from the earth is about the 21 million light years. This galaxy can be discovered in the 1781 by the PierreMechain. The diameter of this galaxy is about the 170,000 light year. Thestar that contains this galaxy is about the trillion. The x-ray source is present in this galaxy.




Introduction to galaxies along with certain facts and information about them

A large area in which there are trillions of planets and stars, surrounded by and carrying different types of gases along with dust particles is mostly known to be a galaxy. We can only see a handful of stars in the sky but in reality they are in trillions within one galaxy and you cannot even imagine how big that is. Still you would find a numberof realities to be yet discovered within the galaxies on which NASA and other space people are doing their researches and travels.

Galaxies are not in the same shape but each and every one is different from another. According to the astronomers, the number of  galaxies which are present in the space in about hundreds and so far, from earth, we have only found, reached and conquered even less than 20% of that area. A whole huge world within the world exists in this area of the mighty universe and it is possibly said that chances are that there can be found life. Many astronomers, student researchers and professors from the California University are trying their best so they are discover more about life from there galaxies.

It is expected as per the research that life may be found on a galaxy names as ‘Andromeda’. It is a risky project which requires heavy budgeting and funding too. However, the astronomers highly believe that they will find life there and it will be the greatest discovery of all the times since earth has formed.There, in space, the galaxies are huge and unexpectedly huge that life seems to be a very small thing in it.

Considering their movement and sizes, we do not know about their orbits but they are also found colliding with each other a lot.The universe can also said to be a threatening space as per the nature that the galaxies collide too. Another fun fact as per the latest discovery says that the galaxies collide with each other and they shapes change from how they were before. The most common shapes of transformed galaxies are these:

  1. Elliptical galaxy
  2. Spiral galaxy


Astronomers, best from the world, have classified the galaxies into three sub categories:

  • Spiral Galaxy:

As the shape says, the galaxy must have collided before and now it is names as this spiral galaxy. The best kind of galaxy which has a great example is the milky way. The whole galaxy is full on twisted and turned stars along with the gases surrounding them. Our earth is also a part of this galaxy which is named as the milky way. Every kind of life explored till now is human, animal and plants life which is found at earth along  with a variety of microbes too. The galaxy has its own solar system which comprises of  8 or 9 planets and stars collectively which roam around themselves and the sun to cover their orbits, some of them make a duration of the day, while some other orbit way shows the completion of a year too. There are also a number of different satellites which are man made and sent to the space to gather information for the humans on earth. A lot has been explored and yet still to be discovered in space.

  • Elliptical Galaxy:

They, the stars, theyoccur in a large amount in the whole universe. Such galaxies have dim light so that they can not be seen, found and discovered so easily as others. As the names shows the concept of eclipse, that is why these galaxies with dark themes are called as the elliptical galaxy. The scientists have thus given them a strange name. they are mostly red in color, and a range of dust also surrounds it. Cygnus A, is one the most famous elliptical galaxies and research of the astronomers is going on.

  • Irregular Galaxy:

These galaxies are present in a very small amount and can say that the total area covered by irregular galaxies is about 20% of the total universe galaxy area. These galaxies do not have any certain shape or size and that why they are named by the astronomers are the irregular galaxy. Their shape has constantly become irregular due to the constant collisioins with other stars and planets in the space. Because the more small they are, chances are more that they will collide a lot. With the best example named as ‘metallic clouds’, such galaxies are the most bright one ever.

  • Milky Way Galaxy:

The most important galaxy which has us and the earth and the solar system in it is called the milky way. This is a galaxy with a smooth range of rotating stars and planets with fog type space dust all within it. There was this teacher, Mr. Mathew Stanley who started research with a bunch of his colleagues and students and started researching about the earth and its location. This whole study was being done in the University of the New York. The milky way has been totally discovered till now that you can study the most of it with a telescope. The planets and the stars in this galaxy are quite old, even more than 4 to 5 billion years old.