The Best Rummy Apps: Hours Of Fun On Mobile


Online rummy card game is a very popular pastime. It has been in existence in India since quite a few years now. This card game originated from the British Colonizers when they brought this game with them during their colonization of India. However, the game had lost its popularity among the masses as newer variants were developed and introduced. Today, online card games are a hit among people all over the world, especially in India.

Most best rummy app players enjoy playing real cash tournaments. There are quite a number of these tournaments available online. These tournaments require a player to register with an online gambling casino. Usually the player has to pay a nominal fee for joining these gambling casinos. Once a player is registered, he can participate in any number of tournaments that the gaming site offers him.

Top 8 Best Rummy Apps

These are the top rummy apps in India right now.

  1. Classic Rummy
  2. RummyCircle
  3. Junglee Rummy
  4. Adda52
  5. Khelplay Rummy
  6. Taj Rummy
  7. Deccan Rummy
  8. Rummy Passion

For the full list of best rummy apps, visit: Top 10  Best Rummy Apps

There are many advantages of playing online rummy in this form of online gambling. First, a player does not have to travel anywhere to find an opportunity to play his favorite game. Since most Indian rummy games are played online, a player can be rest assured that he will always find a genuine opportunity to play the game. In addition, most online gambling casinos allow players to play against other real cash players, which can be a great experience for a player.

The best rummy app gives players the chance to participate in online tournaments. Players can sign up and participate in various tournaments such as Gold Match tournaments, Ladder tournaments, Cash tournaments, and much more. Websites such as Fun88 India shows a full list and reviews of best rummy apps.

If you’re wondering how the rummy app works, it’s really very simple. First select the rummy game of your choice from out top list below. Once you’ve checked out the list, you can now choose the one you want to take part in. Just select the’Join Tournament’ button from the main menu and fill in the required information. After a short while, you will be sent a confirmation mail with information on how to activate your phone (you may have to register to receive this mail).

The second aspect to appreciate about the rummy app is its interface and design. The iPhone users are spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile applications. They have a plethora of choices ranging from games to utilities, from books to websites, and so on. You can’t beat the wide choice of apps, but one particular stands out as its standout – the rummy app. When you download the iOs app, you get access to every poker game that has ever been released.

Moreover, the iPhone users get to enjoy a comprehensive array of features right from the rummy app, which includes extensive statistics. These statistics tell you about the number of players you have in a table, the highest winning hand that was won, the highest total wins, the highest losses, the frequency of playing the same hand or hands, the highest probability of getting a certain card even without using any strategy, and the percentages of winning when you do win. The statistics also tell you about the frequency of different card games that you play, the frequency of playing different strategies and styles, and the overall winnings/losses over the period of time. The most interesting aspect of the statistics is the “hot” and “cold” cards that the players have in their hands, which further gives you an idea of the game, and a clearer idea of your performance in the table.

Apart from the statistics, the rummy app gives you a lot of information about the different variant of cards. For instance, you get to know the list of most popular variant of card games and the popular rummy variant that players prefer to play these variants. Further, the rummy players also get to know the variant of a card game that is new and what are the statistics for this variant. All of this information to make the app very user-friendly, as it guides the user about the various aspects of the online poker gaming and keeps them posted. Once you download the free version of the application, you start collecting the information and strategies through the guide, which makes the entire experience much exciting and fruitful.

Some of the best sites for online games offer prize-winning offers and contests for players. If you are a newbie, it is wise to take part in these contests where you can learn from the experts and improve your chances of winning huge prizes. It is also important for you to make good use of your skills and knowledge by joining online pool rummy games in order to earn more points and become a top contender. Once you become an expert, you may try to enter into live and televised tournaments. Such events can help you climb up the ladder of success.

The websites that offer online rummy games also provide training guides and tips. These guides can help you choose the best tricks for winning huge amount of money. They can also help you plan your strategy in order to increase your chances of winning real cash prizes. In addition, these websites also encourage players to share their strategies, techniques and tricks for these games with other players. This encourages others to learn from them and succeed as well.

Online rummy offers many benefits for its players. With just one click of the mouse, you can start playing cash games. Also, you do not need to download any software or register to become a member. Just visit the website of your choice, create an account and start playing. Now, start earning real cash prizes and become an expert of Indian rummy.

Playing online rummy can be very exciting and interesting. Once you have mastered the art of drumming, you can expect to become a top contender in the world. As a result, you can have a lot of fun as you challenge other experienced players to a stand-up rummy game and see who gets the last word. Most of the players usually take part in head-to-head competitions. However, advanced players can still enjoy playing interactive flash cards that can help them memorize and guess valid sequences of cards in an easy way.


It’s okay for newbies in the online casino industry to doubt the particular platform they can bet on. This is because a lot of scamming websites are out there to defraud people. Therefore, it becomes very important to bet on reliable and trusted online casinos in Malaysia. This is why most people play with BK8 online casino. BK8 is a betting company in Asia, with its headquarter in Malta, Europe. 

BK8 is a top online casino platform that has made its mark on the casino world due to its enticing offerings such as Live Score, The Live TV, etc. In this post, the most important things about BK8 online casino that you need to know will be covered.


It is no surprise that BK8 is the biggest online gambling platform in Asia, as it offers customers the best gaming experience, sportbook, game brands, and a handful of other exciting stuff. BK8 provides sport and gambling enthusiasts the best options because they include both sports and casinos on the offerings. BK8 online casino offers customers the opportunity to watch their favorite football matches while still playing casino games. BK8’s Live TV and Live Scores ensures that their customers do not miss a single football match of their beloved team while they are trying to win some cash playing online casino games. 

Additionally, BK8 Live Casino provides gamers with the opportunity to experience wonderful online casino games with quality graphics and content. You can select any slot games you wish to play on BK8 if the game providers have partnered with BK8. Over time, BK8 has partnered with a lot of game providers just to ensure that their customers get the best gaming services available. 


In terms of the various kinds of games available on BK8, it is almost impossible that a single player can play every single game provided by the betting company. Therefore BK8 has become the number one option for people who enjoy gambling and always want to try out new stuff on the gaming platform. There are many games sponsored by BK8 online casino. The live casino provides gamers with a wonderful gaming experience where real croupiers or dealers direct gaming. BK8 online casino allows its customers to select slot games from other gaming providers such as Dream Gaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Albeit, and Gold Deluxe. These gaming providers offer gamers the opportunity to Asian live dealers without payout limits or rollovers. 

You can also find exclusive fishing games on the BK8 online casino platform. GG Fishing and PT Fishing are examples of such fishing games. Both of these games enable gamers to explore the marine world, where different species of fish exist. The basic process of playing the game is to reload the net with coins and shoot at the fish with the net. You earn more coins when you catch fish successfully. The fishing game is one of the most exciting games for those who love adventure games. 

Poker, BK8 poker, and IDNpoker, which allow gamers to play with other gamers online, are some of the games you can also find exciting. 


Another reason why BK8 has become a top and trusted online casino in Malaysia is that it offers extra promotions, welcome bonuses, and cash refunds. 

You can expect to get these bonuses as soon as you join the BK8 bandwagon: 

I. Hundred Percent Welcome Bonus On Sportbook: once you complete your registration with BK8 online casino, you are guaranteed to get hundred percent of the money you paid as a deposit. 

II. Five Percent Reload Bonus On Sportbook: this bonus was designed to reward the loyal customers of BK8. It means that for every reload a consistent customer makes after the initial deposit; the customer gets a five percent to reload bonus. 

III. Fifty Percent Welcome Bonus On Live Casino: for every customer who plays live casino for the first time, BK8 rewards them with a fifty percent welcome bonus. 

Other bonuses, promotions, and rewards offered by BK8 include Refer A Friend Bonus, VIP Twenty Percent Reload Bonus, BK8 Instant Birthday Cash Bonus, QQ Keno, And Fishing Weekly Turnover Bonus, etc. 


1.  It Has A Strong Reputation: BK8 has shown to be a legitimate and trusted online casino platform not only because of its fantastic customer support service but because of the numerous accolades it has received and the groundbreaking partnership deals it has been involved in over the years. Below are a few accomplishments of BK8 over the last couple of years:

  • BK8 was awarded “Site Of The Year” just after it launched its Live platforms.
  • It has been voted as the number one online casino in Asia.
  • BK8 got ranked among the top three most reliable online casino platforms in Southeast Asia. 

2. In the 2018/19 season, BK8 had a partnership deal with the Spanish Laliga. 

3. Football superstars John Terry, a former England captain, and Robin Van Persie, a Manchester United and Arsenal legend, are brand ambassadors of BK8. 


The major objective of BK8 is to offer its customers a platform where they can have a wonderful gaming experience. They have a policy of putting their customers “F.I.R.S.T” — an acronym that stands for Fast, Innovative, Rewarding, and Transparent. 

BK8 is a registered trademark and brand. Its headquarters are in Malta, a European country. The gaming platform is controlled by the Government of Curacao. 

BK8 has a mobile version of its website to enable those who love mobile gaming to enjoy the BK8 experience. All the games on the BK8 website can also be found in the mobile version of the game. Both Android and iPhone users can access the app as it is easily available on their respective app stores.  You can also download the app on the BK8 website. 

In conclusion, BK8 is a top and trusted online casino platform in Malaysia and is highly recommended for every betting enthusiast. BK8 is also trusted and reliable due to the numerous awards it has received, and the plenty of sponsorship deals it has been involved in. The vast array of games, wonderful promotional offers and bonuses, and the simple but efficiently designed gaming platform are some of the reasons why betting enthusiasts need to jump on the BK8 bandwagon.